Now is the greatest Time for you to Become an Android Game Maker


Since games obtainable into smartphones, individuals are searching forward gaming on the run. Lots of people require to use Android devices but a primary reason why a number of them are staying away from Android devices would be that the quantity of games readily available for this platform is pretty lower in comparison to the choices on iPhones. Hence, this is an excellent time for you to act as an Android game maker.

Recent ComScore reports have says Google has ongoing to grab a bigger share from the smartphone market regularly. Which means that the marketplace for Android games may also increase.

If are shying from just as one Android game maker because you believe contacting the countless users of those phone is tough, you need to reconsider your choice. People generally form a viewpoint concerning the problems of promoting apps once they sell with the iPhone Application store. The issue using the iPhone Application store is they charge a yearly fee of $99 and also have a rather extended and complex review procedure. The benefit of the Android platform would be that the application goes live when the developer publishes it and next, you pay less than $25 for launching an application. What’s better is this fact $25 needs to be compensated just once!

If you feel you don’t have the technical know-how to be an Android game maker, you shouldn’t forget about your game idea. You will find firms that are prepared to share revenues with individuals like you in return for supplying the tech support team that you’ll require.

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