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Become a regular fixture on sportsbooks

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Become a regular fixture on sportsbooks

Will esports ever equal traditional sports in popularity?

 The playing of esports has been increasing in popularity for quite a while now. With the rise in YouTube videos of people playing the games, it was only a matter of time before broadcasts of video game tournaments became a popular viewing experience. Esports do not have the level of financial backing that regular sports have at the moment, but as the viewing figures increase and the popularity rises it is only a matter of time before the big money starts to filter into esports.

There is still a long way to go before they take over though. Real sports have a long history that helps to create loyalty from fans. It could take a number of generations before esports even begin to compete on a level playing field to regular sports. As online games become more popular the willingness to watch them being played is becoming normalized.

More PG options

 While games like GTA obviously have a place within the gaming world, the secret to true international popularity has always been the ability to attract families. Sports games like Madden and FIFA Soccer need to take more of a front and center position if esports are to be on a par with regular sports. The lack of death and destruction in these games means that parents will be more willing to attend or watch at home with their kids. That meansthere will be an instant increase in potential market share for esports as the addition of less violent games will attract a greater number of viewers.

It also allows for more sponsorship to be applied. Some sponsors are unwilling to be involved with things that can be viewed as being unwholesome or that are controversial. The sponsors that are willing to be involved will not pay as much for a product that couldcreate adverse publicity for them. By offering more PG options it means that there is an increase in revenue from sponsors which will help to bridge the gap between esports and regular sports.

One of the biggest draws to a number of viewers is the ability to place a bet on a game. This instantly gives viewers an adrenaline boost when they are watching the game taking place. It allows them to feel more engaged with the experience. It is not about winning and losing to a lot of people, it is about feeling connected to something. Regular sports allow this via the use of sportsbooks. A look at a site such as, that provides links for all the best sportsbooks, will show the number of places where this is possible.

By becoming a larger fixture at sportsbooks, esports will engage fans on a higher level. That will help to make them more popular, and in addition to that, it will make the sportsbooks more likely to promote events because it will create revenue for them. That will eventually bring esports as higha level of prestige asthe regular sporting events.