League of Legends: The beginning of a great challenge


Hello in this post I want to discuss about the League of Legends I hope you like my explanation.

League of Legends

First of all, league of legends is a multiplayer game where users from all over the world compete to position themselves from the enemy’s territory, which consists of a map “Grieve of the invoker” which has 3 lanes defined in which 5 players from each side must choose each 1 a champion corresponding to his lane in order to start the game.

The lanes make up different types of champion and we have the followings:

MID: Specialized by magicians or murderers, this lane is the most important of all therefore you must be very clear that if you choose this option you should want to break the power difference between your enemy and you.

TOP: Specialized only for champions of the Tank type. The champions are champions who can resist all the magic damage or the damage produced by champions in multiple attacks attending briefly and are the ones who must take the role of the game in terms of attack strategy. Serious players will need assistance from a third party such as Elo Boost by Boosteria.

ADC or BOT: Specialized only for distance champions as archer. One of the favorite league of legends champions is “Tristana” the towers smash.

SUP: It is of great importance that the couple is accompanied by the ADC since it has the unique responsibility of taking care of the ADC so that it achieves the greatest possible deaths and is positioned in its lane completely, however its function does not end here. Its Duty is to be the guard of the dragon area by placing Ward “kind of spotlights that illuminate the dark areas of the map” and thus give more vision to the jungle and the whole team as a whole.

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