Normal raid difficulty

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Normal raid difficulty

Every raid is an epic adventure. These exciting moments, when you gathered in a large group, start planning how you will rape the raid boss… It doesn’t matter whether you messed up or not, the most important thing is fun.

And how to assemble such a cutthroats party?

Very simple. Find another 10-24 people with crab claws instead of hands like yours. Then go to the raid and try to not suck much and kill the boss. Already fucked up? What was expected. It is not so easy as it sounds. But the normal is the simplest difficulty, so that even people with no hands can play it. On the higher difficulties even more fun.

And what do I get on this normal difficulty?

Besides whupasses, you can get level 415+ items. This complexity is generally more suitable for playing relaxed, calmly watching the plot, practice if this is your first raid, and so on. You will not get much loot by playing on normal difficulty.

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What services does provide?

Just go to their site and choose from two services: full gear boost and bis gear boost. The difference is simple, when you choose full gear, you get all the items for your class that dropped from raid-boss. If you choose bis gear you choose which items you need specifically, make a list.

What is better to choose?

It is better if you choose full gear. You will get all the gear that can dropped by boss in 4-6 runs. This service is cheaper and saves you time. However, if you only need a specific item, choose it and the guys from bestboost will get it. But you have to wait a little longer, it will take 4-10 attempts.

In addition to all this, you will receive:

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