Instructions for Poker Games If You Are Beginner


Poker is one of the most popular games however if you have never played this game before, you cannot just straightway join in the game. There are number of versions of this game and for every version the rules also differ to some extent.

Here we shall try to provide general instructions about the poker game so that you can start learning the game. This will not make you a professional poker player. However, it is the first step to enter into the game and get some confidence so that you can understand the game to certain extent.

With this instruction, you can also participate in the poker games in situs poker online which in English means online poker sites.

General instructions for poker game

In order to play poker game, you need to play with 52- card deck which most of you must be aware of. The main goal of the game is to make best 5-card poker hand. You will have in your hand more than 5 cards that you have to choose from the deck so that you can make your hand. In order to understand the best hand, you must understand their ranking with following.

  • Straight flush

In poker game, this is considered as the strongest hand if your five cards are from the same suit with consecutive ranks. In case, you are able to make this hand with the biggest card like 10 to ace then it is considered as Royal flush which is the best hand.

  • Four of a kind

In this case, you will have 4 cards of same rank

  • Full house

Here there will be 3 cards of one rank and other two cards of another rank

  • Flush

Here all five cards are of the same suit

  • Straight

Here there will be five cards of consecutive ranks. Aces can either be considered as lower card in Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 and high card in the series 10, J, Q, K, Ace.

  • Three of a kind

Here there will be three cards of same rank

  • Two pair

Here two cards will be one rank and other two cards of another rank

  • One pair

Here there will be two cards of same rank

  • High card

None of the above group and ranked by the highest card

Objective of the game is to make the strongest hand and whoever has the best hand will be the winner. Each player will play in clockwise order.

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