Top Games like GTA 5 That Are Even More Interesting

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Top Games like GTA 5 That Are Even More Interesting

You will find that there is a whole world of games which is more or less similar to GTA 5. Although Los Santos is a very interesting place, however, the games mentioned below will take you from Hong Kong to Tokyo and to a fictional version of New Orleans which is in the 1960’s era. These games will give you lots of excitement, punch, and exploration along its way. It is high time that you should take a break from playing GTA 5 and explore the mentioned titles below.

  • Mafia 3 is one such game which will head you back in time to the period of 1968 and in the city New Bordeaux which is a fictional version of the city, New Orleans. This city is a melting pot of various cultures and criminals, thus making it boil all over. In the game of Mafia 3, you will be playing like a man who is trying to escape from his criminal past as well as the brutal Vietnam War. Here, you should be prepared for gunfights, car chase, and a classic crime-family drama.
  • The second game that can beat GTA 5 is Watch Dogs 2. Here, you will be playing over the streets, skies, and even in the cyberspace of San Francisco. If you have enjoyed playing the first version of Watchdogs, then this becomes a must playing series for you. Even if you haven’t tried the first season, you can directly jump into it.
  • Saint Row 4 is another top game which can beat GTA 5. You should know that the entire Saint Row series is extreme, over-the-top, and hilarious in comparison to GTA. The Saint Row 4 will take you to an open world of crime-drama formula. The game is wacky, wild and therefore, don’t take it too seriously. You will have the chance to use the whole arsenal weapons along with superpowers.
  • Sleeping Dogs is another exciting game, here, you will play as one of the good guys, but when you find out the fine line between good and bad, everything will get blurred quickly. The game will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful and vibrant yet open-world metropolis. In this game, you can have a realistic experience of martial arts which is mixed with car chases and shoot outs.
  • Yakuza o is one such game that even the next GTA series can be influenced by it. The game Yakuza o is a PC game which was launched in the year 2005; it’s been since then the most eccentric and genre-pushing series. The game takes place in Japan, and it’s built during the era of the 1980s. The game is similar to GTA in the sense that the story behind the people and the crime scenes are great and this makes players to fell in love with them.

All these games mentioned-above will take you to a new level, and therefore it is time that you come out of GTA 5 and enjoy these games. If you do not want to pay the full price of the above games, you can visit and get cheap cd keys and enjoy the games.