Quick Elo Boosting Suggestions And Tips For League Of Legends Fans!


The League of Legends fanbase has been expanding constantly, and for beginners, getting ahead in this multiplayer online battle game can be a big challenge. That’s exactly where elo boosting comes in the picture. If you are a LoL fan, you must have come across the term at some point. What does it mean? We have decoded the basics for you below.

The basics

For the uninitiated, elo boosting is a service, where a high elo player known as the booster plays for someone else, known as the boostee, to help with game rank. The boostee will give access to the booster, who will complete the service. If you check online, you will find a bunch of services that offer elo boost, which means that many players are willing to pay and often need such assistance. Once the booster is done with the request, the boostee can access his account back. Please note that during the boost, the account owner cannot play in his account, but can watch the booster play via smurf account. With that said, this brings us to an important question – why will a player allow a complete stranger to boost his account?

 Incredible advantages

Elo boosting has many benefits for players who are struck at a point or want to get Master tier. For some, unlocking Season Victorious skin is the possible goal on their mind, while others are more concerned about beating ranks and friends. Elo boosting allows you to have fun as the game proceeds ahead right in front of you. Of course, you also save a considerable amount of time, and if you are struck at a particular achievement, moving ahead is easier than ever. League of Legends players have used elo boosting for years and trust us that more will consider this option.

Things to note

Elo boosting, though handy, is obviously not recommended by the developers, and your account can get penalized. It is important that you choose the right service for this, so that your account is safe. Many League of Legends players had their account hacked, while had their account suspended. You need to know if the service gives you access to the booster. Some of them may have a chat forum, where both sides can freely communicate.

We also recommend that you check the payment options in advance. The reputation of the elo boosting service also matters in the long run.

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