Gaming Industry on the Rise Now


This article deals with games, the internet and cultural change and argues that their confluence, which is taking place right now, will transform our world drastically. A cultural change requires first innovation and then adoption, and one wonders how games and the Internet could influence this change. Games are, in practice, an essential part of various cultural forces, such as politics and religion, but there has been a profound transformation in the way they are introduced into society.

All Are Designed:

Before they arose spontaneously, but nowadays they are all designed. The Internet allows these designed games to have enormous influence on time and space, and for many inexperienced people to develop them. We live in a moment in which games can give rise to realities of unusual scope, while practically anyone can create them. All this constitutes a fertile ground for the seeds of cultural change. The progress of the


In recent years online games have generated great interest as a social and economic force. Virtual currencies such as bitcoin were born in the field of online games and have been seriously studied by the European Central Bank. Many researchers and analysts are interested in the use of games for non-recreational purposes. There are games dedicated to education, science, health and public policies. Meanwhile, the commercial video game industry continues to enjoy good health, while other sectors of the media are in decline. With the best games launched in the sites like the Run 3 unblocked the financial games are also ensured.


All this activity indicates that, in the opinion of many observers, games constitute a powerful cultural force. They are not, like the previous media, largely passive. Games entertain people by allowing them to act. While watching television, people can change their way of thinking, but when they play they change their way of thinking by doing something. In general, what the players do is not too important, but what would happen if the design allowed it to be? We live in a moment in which the sum of many simple clicks can change the world. Can games generate this kind of expansive and transforming wave?

Cultural Change

Culture is a state of social equilibrium expressed in symbols. The + sign has a certain meaning to the extent that all users have agreed to it. In the world and time in which we live, + refers to the mathematical operation of addition and has this meaning only because everyone has agreed to it. However, there is no necessary connection between the symbol and its meaning. The same process by which it has been attributed to + the representation of the sum could attribute to it with equal ease a sound.

Cultural differences have great practical repercussions. Two people who do not share the same interpretation of the symbols have to spend some time negotiating the meaning of the terms they use, which can generate misunderstandings that give rise to situations of distrust and, ultimately, wars.

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