Age of the Gods new slot release and timeline


Are you ready for the next instalment of the Age of Gods, or if have you not heard of it – where have you been!? The Age of Gods series has been a hugely popular and successful franchise produced by the software provider Playtech.

Back in 2016 Playtech decided to produce a new series of slot games after the agreement between Playtech and Marvel ended. The good news is that if that did not happen, we would not have had the Age of Gods series! The first slot game, named aptly ‘Age of Gods’, had the most renowned Greek Gods – Zeus, Hercules, Athena and Poseidon providing the entertainment. After this, we have already had 7 games which is soon to become 8 with the next release happening mid-December which makes a nice early Christmas treat. Unfortunately, we do not know the details or what exactly the game entails, but if it like anything Playtech have produced before, we are certainly in for a show stopper!

The Playtech slot games have also caused a commotion in the progressive jackpot world (progressive jackpots are a prize pool which gradual adds up as more players wager), these games now in series have 4 combined progressive jackpots linked to each game, which gives you the opportunity to win big cash!

If you simply need a reminder or are completely new to the Age of Gods bgo slot games site, which is a well-known and trusted online casino, have provided a dedicated time-line in which you can see all the games so you can ensure you have them all ticked off.

We are confident the Age of the Gods slot series will not end here, so you certainly need to keep your eyes peeled at places like bgo for new releases and updates on their blog!

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