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No-Hassle Tips on How to Achieve Speedy Leveling in Shadowlands

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No-Hassle Tips on How to Achieve Speedy Leveling in Shadowlands

Obviously, the leveling collapse has been a real shock to many gamers since the update release. Now all the levels are revised, and the maximum value reaches 60 points. The first step on the path to an increase of the rank starts from an entirely new map called Exile’s Reach. Battle-seasoned players who have managed to boost their characters to high levels can improve them on any expansions of their choice.

An equally important innovation is a slower form of flying and riding. However, once you reach level 30, the speed will increase by 150%. This parameter’s maximum value is revealed at level 40, where it goes up to 310%. This indicator is crucial, especially when it comes to level improving, but it seems like newbies won’t be able to fly in BfA.

How to Level Up as Fast as Possible While Playing in Solo Mode

Previously, WoW demonstrated many buffs and leveling advantages, which helped in upgrading at an enviable pace. Though not all of them are retained in the updated version, there’s a list of relics that will allow you to speed up leveling and gain as much experience as possible.

It includes:

  • Helm
  • Shoulders
  • Cloak
  • Chest
  • War Mode buff

These items can pump up a character’s experience and provide additional bonuses. Therefore, be sure to use them to make the improvement process as efficient as possible. Pay special attention to using some mega helpful consumables, namely:

  • Gunshoes
  • Skystep Potion
  • XA-1000 Surface Skimmer

Consider your own adventure

The current update of the game is far from the last. Future supplements will also affect the level of boosting in entirely different ways. Currently, most leveling zones have been created without regard to flight or riding functions.

If pumping up characters seemed too difficult for you, you should not despair. Maybe it’s time to resort to professional boosters’ services and to go through the process flawlessly with Epiccarry’s top-notch team. This leveling service can help you achieve your goals and collect a maximum number of bonuses in the shortest possible time.